Meze are cooled, cooked dishes found throughout what was once the Ottoman empire. They're well-loved part of the palate from Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey to Cyprus & Greece.

Syrian meze is largely dairy, vegetable and pulse based - which means, apart from the bread you might choose to eat it with, they're generally gluten-free and vegetarian (and all of ours are!). The simplicity of meze's core ingredients: homous (chick peas), beit en jan (aubergine) and fool (broad beans) make it a legendary food for the rich and poor alike. While more refined versions are embellished with herbs, spices, berries, vegetables and pomegranate seeds, meze remains - at its core - both simple and subtle.

Wherever possible, we use traditional methods while cooking meze. We barbecue the aubergine for our baba ganoshe and mutabbel on real wood in our garden, the peel off the charcoaled skin while its still hot.

Our lebneh is hand-strung in cotton over night to give it that thick, fresh and complex taste you won't find in any supermarket aisle.

Our humous is hand-crushed with garlic, lemon and a little cumin and we grill & grind in our own sesame seeds. Following the tradition Syrian recipe, you'll find it has a far greater ratio of chickpeas to tahini than you'd normally taste in the UK.